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Snow Hill part 2

Here's the deal. I'm making a list of all the PSH 2010 artists and their home towns. And for each artist I will post a photo of their work (if I took one at the show), links to their online art presence (i.e. website, gallery representation, online shop, etc.), and some notes if I got a chance to chitchat with them over the weekend. So without further ado, meet the artists in the first half of the alphabet:

Barbara Beauchamp, Salisbury, MD - Barbara's oil and watercolor paintings are available through Stewarts Antiques in Berlin, MD, Turner Sculpture in Onley, VA, and Bishop's Stock Fine Art & Fine Craft in Snow Hill, MD.

Leslie Belloso

Leslie Belloso, Salisbury, MD - I always enjoy catching up with Leslie at PSH. A few years ago we discovered that our husbands went to the same high school and ran track together. Leslie officially made the transition from practicing internist to full time professional artist last year, and I am so excited for her! I discussed this particular painting full of rosy light with a smiling young art critic (also full of rosy light) who pointed out the focal area of the painting and observed, "Mommy's car!" I love the long shadows and how sunset bathes the neighborhood in tones of peach. Leslie captures the quiet warmth that characterizes the Town of Snow Hill. She has been juried into Paint Annapolis this year, and her work is available through Bishop's Stock Fine Art & Fine Craft in Snow Hill, MD.

Judy Benton, Ocean Pines, MD.

Claudia Brookes, Monkton, MD - Claudia has also been juried into Mountain Plein Air and Paint Annapolis this year. Her website is here.

Dee Brua, Greenbackville, VA - You can take a peek at Dee's work here.

Eva Carson

Eva Keller Carson, Baltimore, MD - One of Eva's pastels won the Artist's Choice Award at PSH. Congratulations! Eva is represented by Bishop's Stock Fine Art & Fine Craft in Snow Hill, MD. You can even become a fan of her artwork on Facebook.

Jan Crooker

Jan Crooker, Kutztown, PA  - We acrylic-users need to stick together, and Jan is definitely someone I can talk nuts and bolts with. Wondering if there's an acrylic medium out there that will make your paints behave properly? You can be sure Jan knows about it, has tried it, and can give you tips for better results. Last year she and Tara Grim bent my eat at the picnic, singing the praises of Golden's GAC. And this year Jan convinced me to start cutting my GAC with equal parts self leveling gel to use as a sealant. She tried to register me for a paintout in June. And I might have become an organ donor... It's all kind of a blur, unlike her paintings which shimmer with the clarity of gemstones, especially the series of still lifes she made over the winter. Jan has been juried into Mountain Plein Air this year, and her website is here.

Doreen Currie, Latrobe, PA - Doreen's website is here, and her paintings are available through The Latrobe Art Center in Latrobe, PA, The Art Source in Cleveland, OH, and Gallery 1683 in Annapolis, MD.

David Diaz

David Diaz, Annapolis, MD - Realizing of course that I am blowing the whole secrecy part of the secret ballot process, I voted for David's painting (shown above) titled "Jefferson City Lifters" for the Artist's Choice Award. (Eva Keller Carson's no slouch, though, so I can't really begrudge the fact that her pastel won the day. And I apologize for the lousy photograph. My point-and-shoot made the executive decision that this painting should be lighter; the painting is a bit darker in real life.)  I said to David that this painting is deceptive in its simplicity. And by "deceptively simple" I mean that an astonishing amount of technical skill is required to pull off an image like this. I was most impressed by the subtlety of color he used within a very limited palette. I also like the rhythm he captured: dash, dash, pause, dash. David said he had been thinking about the lifters as a subject, thinking he could quickly dash off a little painting. And then--surprise!--it ended up being difficult and time consuming. But he does make it look easy, doesn't he? David has been juried into Mountain Plein Air this year, and his website is here.

Scot Dolby, Snow Hill, MD - Scot's work is available through Bishop's Stock Fine Art & Fine Craft in Snow Hill, MD. You can also take a peek at his work here. Several of the paintings he made during PSH and ones on display at Bishop's stock have been painted on the lids of cigar boxes.

Denise Dumont, Baltimore, MD - Although her paintings were displayed on the panel right next to mine, somehow I never managed to have a conversation with Denise during the show. She was hanging her work after I was already done, so I was busy getting all of my packing materials moved out of the way so she would have space to do her thing. Sorry, Denise, I wish we had a chance to talk! Denise's website is here, and her work is available through Bishop's Stock Fine Art & Fine Craft in Snow Hill, MD, McBride Gallery in Annapolis, MD, The Station Gallery in Greenville, DE, and Aerie Art Gallery in Rehoboth, DE.

Richard A. Dorbin, Easton, MD - When I got home from PSH and looked through my camera, I smacked my forehead realizing that although I spoke to Richard for a while at the show, I did not manage to photograph his paintings. Nor do I remember seeing his name on any labels--but I must have seen his work. Sorry, I will be a better and more thorough journalist next year. I promise. Richard is a professional photographer in Easton, and his photography website is here. His paintings adorned two of the Main Street banners in Easton last year (click here and scroll down): one is a little Van Gogh-ish, the other a little Diebenkorn-y. At any rate, the conversation we had was significant in that Richard convinced me that Plein Air Easton is like Disneyland-marries-hot-fudge for artists, and that I simply have to come to it this year.

Lois Engberg, Salisbury, MD - Lois's website is here. Her work is available through Bishop's Stock Fine Art & Fine Craft in Snow Hill, MD, and through McBride Gallery in Annapolis, MD.

John Eiseman

John Eiseman, Salisbury, MD - John told me that my painting style is Schizophrenia, and I told him that if I actually knew how to paint I'd make backlit birches just like his. Good times, kids. Good. Times. What I dig about this painting is that it is a veritable pinball table for your eye. Everything in it leads you down to  the water. The side of the house bounces you off the grove of trees bounces you off the bright green tree bounces you off the road bounces you off the boathouse, and splash into the water. John's website is here.

Pat Ellison, Princess Anne, MD.

Kathy Gordon, Snow Hill, MD.

Sarah Watson Grangier, Princess Anne, MD - Sarah was dressed so nice for the show--unfortunately that meant she nearly froze to death. But it didn't stop her from smiling. I really liked her painting of waterlilies on the river. Her rendering of the curling lily pads was so three-dimensional, the leaves looked like they were lifting away from the surface of the canvas. Take a look at Sarah's work here.

Carol Gray, Newark, DE - Carol's website is here, and her work is available through The Station Gallery in Greenville, DE.

Tara Grim

Tara Grim, Bethany Beach, DE - You should have been there when Tara unwrapped this showstopper during setup. All around her artists' jaws dropped, and they joined in a general chorus of stunned, "Wow." My photo does not do it justice. When you look up Tara in the dictionary, the definition should be, "Utterly fearless with color." Tara's website is here.

Barbara Hager, Ocean City, MD - Check out Barbara's profile here.

Ann Hayden, Exmore, VA.

Diane Hurwitz-Specht

Diane Hurwitz-Specht, Frederick, MD - I was hoping to meet Diane this year because her style is so starkly different from the other PSH participants, but she eluded me once again. And then my photo turned out blurry. I did stumble upon an article in The Frederick News-Post about her Art on Wheels program.

Angela Herbert-Hodges, Pungoteague, VA - Angela's website is here, and she is represented by Bishop's Stock Fine Art & Fine Craft in Snow Hill, MD, and Gallery Onancock in Onancock, VA.

[Disclaimer: I did not ask anyone for permission beforehand to profile them here. If you would prefer that your name, photo, and/or information be removed, I apologize and will gladly take down any material or information upon request. Same goes for corrections and omissions. Please just let me know.]

More to come...

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