Monday, April 19, 2010

Snow Hill part 1

View from Figg's Landing Road

I am home recovering from the delightful mayhem that is Paint Snow Hill. Our unusual winter and spring have caused Mother Nature to leapfrog over herself this year. The bloom schedules shifted so it looked as though we were painting in early May. And the weather kept us guessing with Friday temperatures climbing to 85, Saturday morning full of wind and rain, Saturday afternoon becoming milder, and finally a brisk Sunday morning that had me reaching for a coat. The photo above was taken south of Public Landing along Figg's Landing Road where I painted on Friday morning. It seemed like most people were painting out in the countryside this year rather than along the streets in town. I saw very few people out working when I came up for air--meaning, when I retreated to the gallery for donuts and human interaction. Then again, they may all have been driving around in their cars, too, thinking, "Where is everyone?"

Public restroom at Public Landing

The best feature of Public Landing is the spot-a-pot. I was so grateful for this little plastic savior. My bladder must be the size of a walnut. Seriously.

Blackened burger with bacon and avocado

Of course I got my lunch at The Palette on Friday. I ordered a glass of iced tea and the blackened Angus burger special. There are strips of bacon and avocado peeking out from underneath, but they were essentially window dressing. No need for condiments here at all. Best. Burger. Ever.

Saturday evening picnic at Sturgis Park

I would like to formally thank the good people of Snow Hill and environs for their concern about my well-being. I must have appeared particularly distressed on Friday. [Note to self for next year: painting in a hobo costume is a bad idea.] When I stopped to paint along the road to Public Landing, four separate motorists stopped to see if I was okay, including a dump truck driver. One older couple must have settled a bet as the man said, "I told you," to his wife as he put the truck in gear. And my favorite was the young man in the pickup who said, "Oh, yer jus cullerin'!" I longed to reply, "I see you are familiar with my work!" Yes, I am an adult who is coloring on the side of the road at nine in the morning. That is just how I roll.


I completed six paintings in two days, which sets an all time land speed record for me. I'm usually slow and deliberate and meditative. Not anymore--I'm a coloring painting machine! I took a bazillion photographs at the "wet paint" show and sale yesterday, which I will share tomorrow and attempt to link to as many other PSH artists as humanly possible. More to come...

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