Friday, April 23, 2010

Snow Hill part 3

Now, meet the artists in the second half of the alphabet (this list has taken me a LONG time to put together):

Rita Haldeman

Rita Kambic Haldeman, Jeanette, PA - Rita's work is available through G Squared Gallery in Ligonier, PA (if the gallery's website is still down, they also have a blog).

Betty Latourney, Hebron, MD - I admire Betty's attitude. She wanted to learn how to paint, so she registered for classes and picked up a brush. Just taking that initial step to learn something new takes an awful lot of courage--but now Betty's out swimming with the plein air crowd. You go, girl! She brings a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm to her canvases. She took part in the "Artist Friends" exhibition that showed in several shore venues in 2008, along with PSH artists Leslie Belloso and Mary Murphy.

Mimi Little, Port Republic, MD.

Lynne Lockhart

Lynne Lockhart, Berlin, MD - Quite frankly all of Lynne's work appeals to me. But it is her knowledge of anatomy paired with a keen sense of humor that makes Lynne's paintings of animals (goats, dogs, cows, rabbits, horses, chickens, even a guinea pig or two) particularly charming. She has a way of transmitting personality through brushstrokes. In "A Chicken Wind" Minnie is alert and smiling, eyes closed in pleasure, when the platter of fried chicken arrives at the picnic.  If you get a chance, go see Lynne's work on exhibit at Bishop's Stock right now. Lynne has a new website, and her work is available through Bishop's Stock Fine Art & Fine Craft in Snow Hill, MD, Main Street Gallery in Annapolis, MD, Parker Gallery in Saint Simon's Island, GA, and Troika Art Gallery in Easton, MD.

Kirk McBride

Kirk McBride, Berlin, MD - "White Cottage" (pictured above) was my favorite of Kirk's PSH creations this year, but it was "It's Not Easy" that we talked about briefly. It's the first time he has executed a completely green painting, and that canvas was, in fact, 98% various shades of green. He cocked an eyebrow at it as through he wasn't sure about the final result. And I find that incredibly exciting--that he took a risk trying something new to him in the midst of PSH. If you get a chance, go see Kirk's work on exhibit at Bishop's Stock right now. Kirk's website is here, and his work is available through Bishop's Stock Fine Art & Fine Craft in Snow Hill, MD, Main Street Gallery in Annapolis, MD, Parker Gallery in Saint Simon's Island, GA, Peter McPhee Fine Arts in Stone Harbor, NJ, and Troika Art Gallery in Easton, MD.

Dave Morgan, Salisbury, MD - Another artist whose work was hanging right near my panel but somehow I managed not to photograph. All of Dave's paintings this year prominently featured trees. He told me that he will be painting trees all month--a newer subject for him--in an effort to sharpen his skills. I really liked the deep blues he had tucked in the shadows of the bark and intermingled in the grass.

Mary Murphy

Mary Murphy, Salisbury, MD - Every time I see her paintings, I want to give Mary a hug. Is that weird? Probably to her. But Mary's work puts me in mind of some of my favorite artists, namely Marsden Hartley, Emily Carr, and David Bates. Mary told me that she is only interested in painting trees these days. Big old gnarly trees. She keeps her friends on the lookout for good ones, and when they find one, they call her up: "I've found a Mary tree!"  Mary's online shop is here, and a press release about its launch is here.

Gary Pendleton

Gary Pendleton, North Beach, MD - My old neighbor from North Beach! I used to run into Gary on Friday nights at the farmer's market in town, my arms full of strawberries and fresh bread. But this is the busy season for him, as Gary is the Paint Out Coordinator for the Mid-Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association (MAPAPA). My favorite painting of his from PSH (pictured here, bottom right) was of the sky laden with purple hanging low over a marsh, all knifework and very striking. No surprise that it sold quickly. Gary's website is here.

Carole Pierson, Townsend, VA - Carole's website is here, and her blog is here. Her work is available through Stage Door Gallery in Cape Charles, VA, London Square Gallery in Norfolk, VA, and Katody's Art Glass in Suffok, VA.

Jim Rehak, Seaford, DE - Jim has been juried into the Rehoboth Beach Paintout this year. He is also a skilled caricature artist.  Jim's artwork is available through Bishop's Stock Fine Art & Fine Craft in Snow Hill, MD.

Ann Terbush Schaefer, Nanticoke, MD - Ann's work is featured at The Yellow Barn Studio & Gallery at Glen Echo Park, MD.

Melody Spealman Day, Ocean City, MD.

Stan Sperlak

Stan Sperlak, Cape May Court House, NJ - See that little daub of white in the pastel above? Maybe it's a marsh bird standing on one foot. Maybe it's a channel marker or a sign. I don't know--and I really like the not knowing. Stan's website is here, and his work is available through Bishop's Stock Fine Art & Fine Craft in Snow Hill, MD, and his own Crow Creek Studio and Gallery.

Kathleen Strukoff

Kathleen Strukoff, Las Vegas, NV - Kathleen is the only other person during PSH who noticed the red field at the end of Five Mile Branch, across from the landfill. All during the show she fielded comments, "It wasn't really that orange, was it?" But at times during the weekend it certainly was, especially Saturday afternoon when she skipped the picnic to capture a particularly vivid moment. By Sunday morning it had smoldered down to a dull burgundy. Kathleen's website is here.

David Terrar

David Terrar, Gaithersburg, MD - It only took a major health crisis to get David to slow down from his 80-hour-week, globetrotting corporate pace and pick up a paint brush again. Right now he is preparing work for two upcoming shows in Maryland in June and September called "The Golden Hour." Using techniques taught to him by Russian iconographers, he is applying 24 karat gold leaf to oil paintings of sunset (if I remember correctly)--and using this as a metaphor for his brush with death. Very interesting concept. You can see David's paintings if he accepts your friend request on Facebook--tell him Barb sent you to look at his artwork.

David Thompson, Baltimore, MD - I apologize if I've gotten this wrong, but I think David's website is here.

Isobel Troutman, Greenbackville, VA - There is a profile of Isobel here, and her artwork is available through the Worcester County Arts Council.

Nancy Richards West, Chincoteague, VA - Nancy's website is here, and her work is available through Island Arts in Chincoteague, VA, and Bishop's Stock Fine Art & Fine Craft in Snow Hill, MD.

Stewart White

Stewart White, Baltimore, MD - Stewart has been juried into Plein Air Easton, Mountain Plein Air, and Paint Annapolis this year. His website is here.

Laura Wilke, Monkton, MD.

Val Witowski

Val Witkowski, Quantico, MD - Rumor has it that Val's "My Place" studio in Berlin, MD, will open its doors this season. The "rumor" of course is one I'm starting after talking with Val about the space she rented in town last year. I can't wait to check it out. Val's oil paintings are also available through Artiques Art and Antiques in Snow Hill, MD.

William C. Wright

William C. Wright, Stevenson, MD - On Friday I saw this poor fellow battling the traffic and the elements on the shoulder of Route 12 and thought, "Far braver than I..." Little did I know that the fertilizer trucks that rumbled past William were raining chicken poop down on him, his painting, and his watercolor palette. That fact alone makes this lovely painting all the more impressive.  He has been juried into Paint Annapolis this year. William's website is here, and his work is available through the M.A. Doran Gallery in Tulsa, OK.

[Again I disclaim: I did not ask anyone for permission beforehand to profile them here. If you would prefer that your name, photo, and/or information be removed, I apologize and will gladly take down any material or information upon request. Same goes for corrections and omissions. Please just let me know.]

More to come...

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