Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bon voyage!

Early tomorrow morning I hit the road for Paint Snow Hill 2010. I will be among the 53 artists from Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware coming to Snow Hill, MD, for this three day plein air (outdoor) painting event. Beginning Friday, April 16th, we will disburse around downtown and the surrounding countryside with paintbrushes in hand. The festival culminates in an art exhibition and "wet paint" sale on Sunday, April 18th, from noon - 4pm at the Old Firehouse on Green Street. For more information on the weekend's events, please call our lovely sponsor Ann Coates at Bishop's Stock Fine Art and Fine Craft at 410-632-3555.

My apologies to family and friends at the shore, but I will be painting with single-minded determination all weekend. And if past years are any indication, I will be keeping odd hours, returning to the old abandoned apartment only to eat, shower, sleep, and regroup. Your best bet to see me and socialize is at the art show on Sunday. And maybe around lunchtime on Friday--I'll be eating at The Palette (410-632-0055). Ta!

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