Thursday, November 19, 2009

Craft fair preview - part 2

Tea towels

I know that I showed you the tea towels before. But I made a bunch more, so it's like they had babies. And then their babies had babies.

Tea towels

As my mother once said, after baking a hundred dozen cookies for my grandparents' anniversary party and in response to her twin sister asking after dinner if there were maybe any cookies in the house: "I've got about a million of those em-effers." That's pretty much how I feel about the holiday tea towels. Again, $3 each - or 4 towels for $10.

Pinked presents

Last year I did not make nearly enough Christmas cards. So this year I am rolling out two new prototypes. First is what I call "Pinked Presents." These cards are made from tiny pieces of cotton holiday fabric that have had their edges gently clipped with pinking shears. I then machine sewed the fabric onto an ivory (the manufacturer calls it "Palm Beach White") acid-free greeting card with a plain edge.

Pinked presents detail

And I tied a little thread bow at the top of each stack of presents for heightened adorability.


The other series of holiday cards I am calling the "Banners." (Not to be confused with Sue and Joe Banner.) Each card features a simple watercolor sketch of a banner with hand lettering of the word Merry, Noel, Joy, Happy, or Love. These are painted directly onto bright white acid-free cards with a deckle edge.

Merry detail

All of the greeting cards come with matching envelopes and are packaged individually in clear acetate sleeves. They are blank inside. They measure 5" x 7" and (if you are so inclined) fit perfectly into a standard 5" x 7" picture frame. All greeting cards are $4 each - or 3 cards for $10.

More to come...

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