Thursday, January 14, 2021

Updated Shipping Policy for the Pandemic

Time for some real talk, friends.

I am planning to reopen the online shop in the next few weeks. I also plan to continue shipping artwork via USPS Priority Mail. But yesterday I received several Christmas cards postmarked Dec 7 and 8. And the day before I received a message from a customer irate that they hadn't received a coffee mug ordered around that same time, demanding a refund. 

I have zero control over the progress of items in the custody of the mail service, nor do I have a crystal ball that gives me double-secret tracking info. It is unreasonable for a collector to expect this of me.

Here is my firm boundary:

An item in transit needs to be missing for 8 weeks before I launch a search or discuss a refund. Period. No exceptions. We are in the middle of a global pandemic and a USPS service crisis. 

The available options for collectors are: 

1) to wait to purchase artwork until after those situations are resolved;

2) to purchase artwork online now, and bear with reality; or

3) to put on a mask, visit Bishop's Stock, and purchase artwork in person.

The bottom line is that I received my Christmas cards. The slow-shipping mug is going to arrive at the unhappy person's house eventually. And the logjam at USPS will clear. Please be patient with the world and people in it, as we're all in uncharted waters. I think that's all.

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