Saturday, May 20, 2017

MAPAPA Paint Out at Mattawoman Creek Art Center

This past week was a scorcher, but last night's storms rolled in absolutely perfect weather for today's paint out at the Mattawoman Creek Art Center at Fort Smallwood Park in Marbury, MD. I hadn't been there before. Have you? It's gorgeous--let me show you around.

I crossed the footbridge into the campground for my first painting. That's where I met this little skink sunning itself on a stump.

I painted in the campground for about an hour and then hiked back across the park. I found Barbara Septura seated on some steps watching some fishermen and painting the waterway. And I found Tom Ritchie painting on the other side of the bridge, wondering if he could work his way out of the mess he had made. (Spoiler: he did.) And finally Denise was painting outside the Arts Center, where I decided to start a second painting.

Around noon everyone gathered inside the Arts Center for lunch and to see what everyone else had been working on. I said we should take a group photo for the MAPAPA newsletter, and everyone agreed. So, here we all are:

What a fun day!

P.S. - You guys, I forgot to tell you that I'm on Instagram now! I know I'm so late to the party. But I'm a quick study. Here, have a LINK.

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