Monday, October 24, 2016

Pop-up Painting Demo

On the evening of October 18th, I painted live near the entrance of the library in Solomons, MD. I called it a demo, but it was more loosey-goosey than that. People came and went and chit-chatted and came back later to check my progress. Lots of fun. Pictured above are the highlights.

The photos counter-clockwise starting at top right are: my inspiration photo taken while hiking at Battle Creek Cypress Swamp last week, a goofy selfie with my initial sketch, laying in some sky, mapping out my greens (this is where I should have stopped!!!!!), working more, and then where I finally stopped working.

William Merrit Chase said, "It takes two to paint. One to paint, the other to stand by with an axe to kill him before he spoils it."

I forgot to bring my axeman last Tuesday. It happens.

I will strive to exercise greater restraint on the evening of Wednesday, October 26th, when I will be painting at the library again from 6-8:30pm. Please stop by (with your axe) if you're in the neighborhood. ;)

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