Monday, April 25, 2016

Paint Snow Hill 2016

Paint Snow Hill 2016, the short version:

Wow, this was my 10th time plein air (outdoor) painting in Snow Hill, Maryland! I took my whole crew to Ocean City for the week, so there was plenty of time for family fun between painting sessions early in the morning and during the baby’s naps. On Wednesday I took Kirk McBride’s painting workshop. And on Thursday Josh Davis’ interview with me appeared in the Bayside Gazette. By Saturday I had 8 finished paintings to show for my week. 2 of my paintings sold and 1 stayed in Snow Hill for the upcoming plein air exhibition at Bishop’s Stock Gallery in May 2016.

Paint Snow Hill 2016, the long version:

I finally figured out how to have it all: a fun-filled family vacation and a productive paint-out all at the same time. The secret was time—we went to the Eastern Shore for the entire week. That way I could go out painting at sunrise and during naptime, while still having time for the zoo, the swimming pool, a little outlet shopping, and a fabulous birthday lunch at Harborside. It was a bit too chilly and windy to spend a lot of time at the beach, but it did not slow us down.

On Wednesday I treated myself to Kirk McBride’s Plein Air Tune-Up workshop, and I’m so glad that I did. In the morning Kirk shared his best outdoor painting tips and techniques, demonstrated painting a scene in town, and got us all planning compositions and working on value studies. After lunch we drove out to George Island Landing where Kirk did another demonstration, and we each tried our hand at capturing the fishing shacks and marshland. There was so much great info packed into that day, I know that I will be digesting Kirk’s lessons for a long time.

On Thursday I achieved total world domination a modicum of local fame when Josh Davis’ interview with me about Paint Snow Hill appeared in the Bayside Gazette. (Link to the article below.)

"Climbing into the Sky" - 12"x12", acrylic, (c) Barb Mowery, 2016. Sold.

"Equestria" - 6"x12", acrylic, (c) Barb Mowery 2016. Sold.

What I have to say about the ‘Wet Paint’ Show & Sale is exactly what I say every year at Thanksgiving and Christmas: “This was the best one yet!” But every year it’s true. The Artist’s Choice Award went to PSH newbie Julie Riker for her impressive body of work. 70 artists filled the Old Firehouse on Green Street with their impressions of springtime on Delmarva, and there was an overwhelming amount of eye candy at the show. 60 artworks sold, including 2 of my paintings -- “Climbing into the Sky” and “Equestria.” A very big THANK YOU to my collectors, Kim Abplanalp and Ann Coates!

"Becoming Distinct" - 6"x12", acrylic and china marker,
(c) Barb Mowery 2016. NFS.

"Before the Birds" - 8"x8", acrylic and china marker,
(c) Barb Mowery 2016. NFS.

I came home with a new Jess Cross Davis original to add to my collection. I had a wonderful visit with dear (dare I say “old”?) friends Rebecca Garcia and Jess Lingebach and so much fun catching up with all my art buddies, my tribe--simply too many lovely people to list.

"Drinking Coffee in Peace" - 8"x8", acrylic, (c) Barb Mowery 2016.
Available through Bishop's Stock Gallery.

"Whiff of Light" - 6"x12", acrylic, (c) Barb Mowery 2016.

My painting “Drinking Coffee in Peace” stayed behind to be included in the Plein Air 2016 exhibition at Bishop’s Stock Gallery, in Snow Hill, MD. The opening reception for the show is Friday, May 6th, from 5-8pm. I will be there, and I hope to see you!

"Try to be Very Quiet" - 12"x12", acrylic, (c) Barb Mowery 2016. Sold.

"Windswept" - 7"x5", acrylic and china marker,
(c) Barb Mowery 2016. Sold.

Some links:
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Bishop’s Stock Gallery, plein air exhibition in May.
Julie Riker, winner of 2016 Artist’s Choice Award.
Mowery, and Paint Snow Hill, back in action this weekend,” by Josh Davis in the April 14, 2016 issue of Bayside Gazette, page 18.


  1. All so lovely Barb! Love!!! Loving your palette. Morning coffee, whiff, Windswept.... just sing to me ...before the birds...magical!

  2. Thanks so much, Sheila! It was a great week.