Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Procrastination rules the day


"I really thought you were going to start painting these weeks ago."

Milk paint

"I know. I'm sorry."

Work station

"Let's make birdhouses for the craft fair, you said, but what you really meant is that I would be making them."

Subdivision drying

"Yeah, pretty much."

Sometimes it's amazing that Robb doesn't smother me in my sleep. So we're frantically getting the birdhouses painted. The base coats are done--we used milk paint. Tonight I will begin the tedious task of turning each of them into a tiny alpine chalet. Or something like that. Regardless of the sweatshop-like conditions in our home, you are cordially invited to the Grace Church Beach Fest this Saturday, June 12th, from noon to 4pm at Rash Field. That's at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore on the Key Highway side. There will be a beach volleyball tournament, and the band Pet Rock will be performing. Participating vendors include Avon, Arbonne, Barking Dog Designs, Cookie Lee Jewelry, Fashion Enterprises, Lia Sophia Jewelry, Longaberger, Tastefully Simple, and The Pampered Chef. Come hungry as Grace Church will be grilling up lunch and hosting a bake table. And I will be there with my brightly colored avian subdivision. Hope to see you there!

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