Sunday, June 13, 2010

Beach Fest

View of the Harbor

Talk about location, location, location! What a cool spot for a church fair. Check out that iconic Baltimore Harborscape in the background: the World Trade Center, the National Aquarium, and the Power Plant.

Federal Hill and Baltimore Beach

Then turn around, and the sand courts were in the shade of Federal Hill. Okay, technically there was no shade to speak of yesterday. Although I put on sunscreen and remained under an umbrella all day, I came away with my worst sunburn in years. I was wearing this shirt with a very scooped neck all day. And when I changed into my pj's last night Robb said, "It looks like you're wearing a red dickey."


If you did not attend then you missed the celebrity sightings. First, Baltimore Orioles pitcher Jeremy Guthrie walked by, said hello, and played with his kids in the sand for a while. Second, and more important, my nephew Colin came out for a while. I barely recognized him--he's so six weeks these days.

Robb enjoyed the live music so much he decided to shake his booty. At least until he realized I was filming.

My craft table

Beach Fest turned out to be a learning experience for Grace Church. The scorching heat and proximity to the volleyball courts meant that sales of food, sodas, water, and beer did really well. But the disappointing fact that the AVP tournament was canceled meant that turnout for the fair was not as good as expected. I fear that most vendors did poorly.


We were not most vendors, though, and we are grateful for the continuing support of our B-more customer base. We sold all but one birdhouse. And on a 90 degree June day in the middle of the Sahara I sold four winter scarves. Amazing!

Scarves and paintings

Just a side note. You might have noticed a second generation Burton snowboard next to our craft table. I could not convince Robb that the Beach Fest was not a yard sale. So he brought the Burton, his skis and boots, and the Playstation One to try to sell. And then we brought them all home with us. The snowboard is a collectors item. The skis are in really good shape, though. They are about 12 years old, very straight profile, and very fast. And the Playstation One with games and extra controllers...well... If you are interested in any of these items send me a note, and I'll have the boss give you a call.

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