Friday, May 14, 2010

Solomons - rock the vote

Huge embarrassing name badge

Solomons Paint the Town is well underway. At least I don't have poison ivy in my eye this year. And the best thing about having to wear a huge goofy name badge is that it got me a free doughnut at the real estate office this morning. Score! I drop off the framed paintings tomorrow at 4pm. Solomons allows participating artists to submit two (2) paintings for jurying. (Ju·ry·ing tr.v. - To judge or evaluate by a jury.) Our esteemed judge this year is Carolyn Egeli. Please note that my painting style is significantly different than hers. Let's just say I won't to be up all night counting my prize money. At any rate, I would like to make a good showing. So you, loyal readers (I mean, reader), have until about 3pm EST Saturday to help me make the big decision: which two (2) paintings should I put before the judge?

Below are the five paintings that I have finished so far. Please vote for the 2 you like best by leaving me a comment. Before I go to Annmarie Garden tomorrow afternoon, I will tally the votes and see what the Internets wants me turn in for judging. Oh, and don't worry, the other 3 will not go to waste. Artists turn in 2 for judging, plus 4 more to be held by the gallery as backups for when those first 2 sell like hotcakes. I wish.


"Sigma" - It's a sailboat in dry dock. In case you weren't sure.

Crop rotation

"Crop Rotation"

Red right returning

"Red Right Returning" - See the teensy weensy channel marker at the edge of the land?

New shoots

"New Shoots"

Foot of the bridge

"Foot of the Bridge"

Please ignore poor photo quality and the fact that some of the paintings haven't been signed yet or varnished or whatever. That's all going to get taken care of tonight. Okay, so please vote!

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