Friday, April 30, 2010

Snow Hill part 5

Mt. Wesley Road

I swear this my final post about Paint Snow Hill 2010. I received the following note from Ann Coates, the event's coordinator:

Once again, you, the artists made Paint Snow Hill 2010 another great success. Many thanks for making the 7th year one of the best. The weather was great; the spring colors fabulous. The community response seems to grow each year as more people "catch" plein air fever. The tally of sales shows 31 paintings were sold. The gross was just at $10,000. As a fundraiser for our Arts & Entertainment District this will allow us to support local arts education and community events...

Barbara B. Mowery

This was my 4th year participating in PSH. During this year's paint out I completed 6 paintings in two days, which sets a new personal speed painting record. I sold three paintings: Middle Passage (shown above), Furrows, and Paint the Town.  25% of the proceeds went to support Arts on the River. The prize money for the Artist Choice Award was given by an anonymous donor. Bishop's Stock supplies the artists with coffee, fruit, donuts, and restrooms every day of the event. Countless people volunteer their time and talent setting up the exhibition space. And Ann Coates works tirelessly to coordinate everything. It's basically a big community love fest. :)

So that just about wraps it up for PSH. All of the photos I took are in an album on Flickr. Only two more weeks to Solomons.

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