Sunday, May 17, 2009

Solomons Paint the Town

Drum Point Light

I am starting to spend more time making excuses than actually painting. That's probably a bad thing. During the first annual Solomons Paint the Town plein air painting event, I was handicapped by a bad case of poison ivy all over my face and between my fingers. I just wasn't focused, and it shows. Pictured above is the only painting that I completed during the paint out, "Drum Point Light", acrylic and china marker on paper, 4" x 6". It's a very stylized, retro view of the historic lighthouse at the Calvert Marine Museum.

My painting setup on Friday

Then I spent a very pleasant day in the dappled shade of Back Creek Inn. Again, the weather and the view were perfect. But I was busy trying to bend the painting to my will instead of opening myself to the universe. Below is the work in progress.

Work in progress

If you're interested, I blogged daily my way through my personal frustration at Solomons. Here are links to my rambling notes about the first day, the second day, and the third day of the event.

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