Sunday, March 15, 2020

March 2020 Newsletter

And then plans changed, but you already know that...

Dear friends,
As you well know, everything is canceled. I've taken this unexpected downtime to update my Etsy shop and replenish the Sale bins. You can navigate different categories of artwork using the links below. I will only be shipping on Fridays, in order to stay home as much as possible. Stay safe, everyone!

(framed print of Garden Window)

Things I Did Do
In February, I visited 6 classes at my daughter's preschool show them what an artist does. Then we drew animals together. My favorite was the "pig-erpillar" that one little artist made when she got really excited about adding legs.
I've decided to take an online painting class with artist Scott Conary in this unexpected lull in my schedule. 

Things I Did Not Do
A two-week painting residency called Artists in Action at Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center in Dowell, Maryland, from Mar 23rd - Apr 6th. Tentatively the program is suspended (possibly canceled), but I withdrew. I planned to make studies of colorful blocks, like the one shown above. I'll apply again next year.
A speaking engagement at the Olney Art Association's March Meeting has been postponed. Eventually, I will talk about my approach to artmaking as playful experimentation.

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