Friday, June 2, 2017

June 2017 Newsletter

News from Barb Mowery Fine Art

In which I discuss internet security, a new series of paintings, and introduce you to one of my awesome collectors. *jazz hands* Read on…

Neighborly Series

I’m a dozen paintings deep into a new body of work. They are paintings of my neighborhood intended for an exhibition at Bishop’s Stock Fine Art in August. I can describe the germ from which they sprang--it may or may not be relevant at this point. But I wanted to give you a first look at what I’ve been up to all spring. I will share more images and info as we get closer to that show.

Collector Spotlight: Jess

I am pleased to shine the spotlight on one of my longtime collectors. Jess chooses images that have good associations for her, like the outdoors and cherry blossoms. She collects pieces for her home that make her happy and that remind her of loved ones, like her grandparents. And, like me, Jess has a bit of a tree obsession. Pictured above is a recent addition to her collection, “Walk a Little Longer.” Thanks, Jess, for your continuing enthusiastic support!

Internet Security

A wise friend recently told me that our computers would be far safer if we all stopped clicking on links in emails. And she’s right. There are nasty viruses floating around online, and I do not want to expose your devices to danger. That said, anything I link to in my newsletters can be found on my website If you are cautious about emails--as well you should be—cut out the middle man. Type the website address directly into your navigation bar. It’s the safest route to my shop, upcoming events, blog, videos, etc.

Save the Date
Opening Reception
for Two-Woman Show
Friday, August 4th, 5-8pm
Bishop's Stock Fine Art
Snow Hill, MD

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