Friday, February 12, 2016


Sorry for the silence this past week. I have been hard at work on several non-photogenic projects.

1.) Signing and varnishing all of my 30 in 30 paintings. I thought I would save time by doing this in one big batch at the end of the month, but, whew, it's kind of a big job. I'm using Golden Topcoat with UVLS (Gloss) for the first time. It handles like regular acrylic gel medium but is intended to be used as a varnish. I'm loving the results so far. Once the paintings are dry, I will have another photoshoot, so that I can...

2.) ...begin listing them all in my Etsy shop, and...

3.) ...on Daily Paintworks. I have created a gallery on DPW, and once the 30 in 30's move over the Etsy, I will list them for purchase on DPW. All sales will still link back to my Etsy shop, but this will put my paintings in front of an audience of shoppers who are specifically looking for small paintings. Once this varnishing and computer programming work is out of the way, I am going to get into daily painting. The 30 in 30 project was really energizing and allowed me to test out a lot of different ideas in a short period of time. Maybe I will not complete a painting every single day, but 3-4 small paintings each week will certainly keep me moving in the right direction.

4.) Writing my very first Newsletter, which I will send out at the end of the month. But that, of course, required me to organize my contacts list. If you would like to subscribe to my monthly Newsletter, follow this link

5.) Finally, I'm scheduled to speak and demo for my older daughter's preschool as a Community Helper (their version of Career Day) next Friday. I'm going to show the 3-5 year olds some of my artist tools (pencil, sketch book, paint brush, canvas, etc.) and teach them how to draw a cat or dog by breaking the animal down into simple shapes, a la Ed Emberley. Why am I so nervous about this???

Happy Valentine's Day! 

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