Saturday, January 2, 2016

Day 2: Sudden Greeting

"Sudden Greeting" - 6" x 6", acrylic on canvas panel.

Information about this project is here. If you're a new visitor to my blog, I also have a fine art website and a Facebook page.


  1. Barb, I'm liking this painting. Do you take photos of the process along the way—I'd love to see how this evolved. Looks like you may be doing some negative painting, putting the blue in to create tree shapes after other colors were in place? Love the loose shapes-and-impressions quality of this scene.

    1. Hey Dotty, glad you like it! Sorry, I did not take progress shots on this one. I blocked in all my darks to start, then cut in the sky tones, and finally added the highlights. I really like to play around with that push and pull of the negative space and the subject. :D

  2. Thanks for the verbal progress shots. Love hearing about process. Thanks for these moments of mentoring : )

  3. Beautiful work ! Love the bright orange yellow there in the middle!