Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cleaning up and back to work

Straightened up work table in the studio

My husband and daughter gave me a fabulous gift for Mother's Day this year: several hours of uninterrupted studio time. Aahhhh.... So I cleaned up the work table and got to work.

Cleaned up studio allows me to get some work done

I got a lot of panels prepped for painting. I have been using a color called Process Magenta as my base coat lately. It works the best for me because it creates nice contrast with all the green in my palette. You can see it peeping the finished pieces. And speaking of finished pieces, here are a few that I wrapped up this week.

Dandelion Breath
"Dandelion Breath" - acrylic and china marker on canvas panel, 5" x 7", Barbara Mowery, 2014.

Meadow Study
"Meadow Study" - acrylic and china marker on canvas panel, 6" x 4", Barbara Mowery, 2014.

Mosquito Cut
"Mosquito Cut" - acrylic and china marker on canvas, 6" x 12", Barbara Mowery, 2014 - Sold.

Third's a Charm
"Third's a Charm" - acrylic and china marker on masonite, 9.75" x 12", Barbara Mowery, 2014.

For as busy as I've been, you might notice that my Etsy shop doesn't have any of the new work in it. I am concentrating on building inventory right now. Ann Coates invited me to submit several small paintings for a "smalls" feature wall in June at Bishop's Stock in Snow Hill, Maryland. So I'm painting my little fingers off to put together a cohesive group for that show.

In other news, I am increasing my prices as of June 1, 2014. The most significant change will be to the 5" x 7" sized paintings. If you have had your eye on something in the shop, now might be a good time to purchase.


  1. What a wonderful gift! You sure put it to good use.... and I especially love the Meadow Study. :)

  2. Thanks, Lana! -- Hope you had a nice Mother's Day, too!