Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Paint Snow Hill 2014 recap

Saturday Night's Wet Paint Show and Sale

This year's Paint Snow Hill (my eighth) still has me reeling with astonishment and gratitude. Here's a photo at the beginning of Saturday night's show. See those paintings next to me? Every one of them went home with someone who wasn't me. That's right, I sold nine paintings!

(I realize that's the climax of the story, and I shouldn't just blurt it out in the first paragraph, but why bury the lead?)

Mom in front of the cabin

This is my mom outside our little cabin at Shad Landing, part of the Pocomoke River State Park. I have had a lot of morning sickness with this pregnancy, so Mom came with me to Snow Hill to make sure I didn't pass out in a ditch somewhere. We ended up having a terrific time together. It was really nice not to be alone on Easter, too. I painted, and she took walks and made jewelry and read books. And she really kept me on task. I'm not exactly Lindsey Lohan when I leave my family to go on a painting weekend, but Kirk McBride was correct to describe Mom as my "handler." Ordinarily I might have taken naps or long lunches or spend inordinate amounts of time looking at ducklings with David Diaz. (It happens.) Instead Mom made sure I went to bed at a decent hour and ate my veggies and kept on working.

So here are the paintings I made in the order that I made them. I apologize in advance for the iffy quality of photography.

Beside the Still Waters
"Beside the Still Waters," 5" x 7", acrylic and china marker on panel - Sold.

Here, Take My Sweater
"Here, Take My Sweater," 12" x 12", acrylic and china marker on panel - Sold.

And The Grass It Was A' Ticking
"And The Grass It Was A' Ticking," 7" x 5", acrylic and china marker on panel - Sold.

The Springing of the Year
"The Springing of the Year," 7" x 5", acrylic and china marker on panel - Sold.

Start Where You Are
"Start Where You Are," 5" x 7", acrylic and china marker on panel - Sold.

Brisk and Shallow Restlessness (of Early Spring)
"Brisk and Shallow Restlessness (of Early Spring)", 7" x 5", acrylic and china marker on panel - Sold.

Make Me a Channel of Your Peace
"Make Me a Channel of Your Peace," 12" x 12", acrylic and china marker on panel - Available.

Some PSH statistics... There were 68 painters laboring for 2-3 days (depending on when they arrived) in the coldest, windiest weather the event has ever known. We sold a total of 47 paintings and raised $2,700 for Arts on the River. I brought one painting from home and picked up two more from Bishop's Stock that had shown in December. I created 7 new pieces in two days of painting. I showed 10 paintings total and sold 9. I finished up the final painting on Sunday morning, "Make Me a Channel of Your Peace," and it remained in Snow Hill for the May show of local artwork at Bishop's Stock.

Pine Bank by Lissa Abrams

I purchased this lovely little painting called "Pine Bank" by Lissa Abrams. But I waited until my handler stepped out to buy the Sunday paper. Haha!

Here is a link to my full PSH 2014 photo album with some behind-the-scenes foolishness, shots of the countryside, and a sideways selfie of me looking (I think) very pregnant (although no one else really thinks so). Also worth mentioning was the invitation from Ann Coates of Bishop's Stock to start sending paintings to her on a regular basis. Oh happy day!

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