Thursday, November 14, 2013

A bit of news

Framed and off to the gallery
It is my great honor to share with you that these two paintings are on their way to Bishop's Stock Fine Art, Craft & Wine in Snow Hill, Maryland. They will hang in the gallery next to the likes of Lynne Lockhart and Nancy Thompson and Kirk McBride and Stan Sperlak and Leslie Beloso (and frankly too many other excellent artists for me to mention, but here's a list)!!! I am really trying to be cool about the whole thing, but Bishop's Stock is my favorite gallery in the entire world. And gallery owner Ann Coates is the mastermind behind Paint Snow Hill, my annual spring plein air sleepaway camp. Ann is simply the best! So if there is more information about this to share, I will do so as it becomes available. Meanwhile I will concentrate on being cool, as if awesomeness like this happens to me every day. -- Edited to add: both paintings SOLD at Paint Snow Hill 2014!

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