Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wide format

Stops My Car
Quiet Contemplation
Now I'm Gold
Five O'Clock Shadow
Colonial Bones

I've had a stack of 6" x 12" canvases sitting around for a few years and a series of landscape paintings in my mind that I wanted to to work on--a perfect match. From top to bottom the titles are "Stops My Car" - SOLD, "Quiet Contemplation," "Now I'm Gold" - SOLD, "Five O'Clock Shadow" - SOLD, and "Colonial Bones." All of them feature subjects from the Snow Hill, Maryland, area and are in the shop now.

Abandoned Farmhouse

Not among the wide format paintings but another recent small piece is "Abandoned Farmhouse", 5" x 7", acrylic and china marker on canvas panel. - NFS, wedding gift for Dan and Theresa Smith.

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