Friday, May 31, 2013


Making giant sketchbook 1
Making giant sketchbook 2
Making giant sketchbook 3

I gessoed and basecoated front and back of nine 18" x 36" sheets of red rosin paper to make an oversized 36 page painting journal. Inspired by Regina's art journal and using this tutorial for the binding. It's my first try at bookbinding and not very graceful. (I'm comparing directly to the spine of a lovely journal my sister Angie made. She is awesome at things like this.) I will share one of my favorite new tips: use spent gift cards to spread thin coats of gesso and paint on large surfaces.


  1. Love your book, thanks for the link to the tutorial. I cannot wait to see what you draw in the book.

  2. wow it looks fabulous. well done!

  3. You clever girl! I think your binding looks great. I must try making one, you have inspired me, thank you! (Wonder if I can get rosin paper in the UK?)

  4. Thanks all!

    Diva, I got the roll of red rosin paper at my hardware store. I think it's meant to protect flooring when you're moving/remodeling and maybe used in tiling projects (somehow). But you could use the kind of brown paper you might wrap packages in for mailing. Or brown paper shopping bags. Or misc sketch paper. Anything really, once it has the gesso it doesn't matter so much what the paper is. :)