Sunday, July 26, 2009

The making of George's birthday gift

Grace Church - source photo

(Source photo courtesy of the Grace Church website.)

Grace Church - line drawing

Grace Church painting in progress

Grace Church - painting in progress

Grace Church - finished

Grace Church - framed

Grace Church painting - George opens his gift

I knew that I wanted to make something special for George's 40th birthday, but I wasn't sure what to paint for him. Robb suggested Grace Church, and I thought--of course! That's a great idea because Grace Church is such a huge part of his life. It's practically his second home.  Smartypants that I am, though, I wrapped the framed painting in some of the tattiest, most recycled tissue paper that we had balled up in the bottom of our gift wrap tub, in all colors imaginable. And then I stuffed the whole thing into a big old turquoise shopping bag, so it looked like a strange pile garbage when George began to unwrap his gift. I was building suspense. I asked Robb if he thought wrapping it ugly was funny, but he just shrugged. No help there. When George got the framed painting out of the mess and realized what it was, he got choked up. :) Glad you like it, George. Happy Birthday!!!

While I was making this, I thought that for anyone who is really active with their church family a painting of their church could make a nice gift. And the same for newlyweds, maybe a painting of their first house together. And for a business owner, a painting of the office. And for someone who is into history, perhaps a local historical site or museum. There are a bazillion possibilities. Send me a note if your are interested in commissioning a little building portrait. Just FYI, George's painting is watercolor on paper, about 5" x 7".

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