Saturday, November 3, 2007

Chroma Interactive Acrylics


On November 3, 2007, the Art League of Ocean City hosted a demonstration and workshop for Chroma Interactive Acrylics. Artist Julie Starling was our instructor and really conveyed her excitement about these products. Basically, they are a line of acrylic paints that can be reactivated with water or "unlocking formula" after they have dried. So for anyone who is frustrated that acrylics do not behave more like oil paints or watercolors, this is the right product line for you.


However, this is not the right product line for me. I wrote up a review of the workshop and the products on Making Crafts in the Woods wherein I explain why I won't be stocking up on interactive acrylic paint anytime soon. More photos from the Chroma workshop are here. But my favorite picture was this one:

Not all business...

Robin and Maryanne settle their artistic differences using martial arts.

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